Notices 21st July, 2019


If you are visiting today, we're thrilled to have you with us. We come here to worship God by singing, preaching the Bible and praying together. God is the highest priority in our lives because through Jesus we have forgiveness from our sins and the hope of a new life spent with Him!

  • Please switch off your mobile phone when you come in to the hall.
  • Please remember to park in one of the town car parks; not along Priory St.
  • Please ensure your child/ren do not play on the stage, up in the balcony or in the graveyard either before or after the service.
  • We have large print bibles available for anyone who might need one. Please ask one of the ushers.

Ark Family Service

Family service run by the Ark team (and others) is taking place this afternoon at 3.30pm!  It will be a short, family-friendly service, followed by tea – perfect for inviting family and friends who don’t normally come to church! Hope to see you there.  Any queries, please chat to Heather Chilcott.

Crossing cultures for Jesus – Meet the team

During the WEC week, on Wednesday 24th July at 7.45pm at CBC, there will be an opportunity to meet new mission workers from all over the world. Come and hear the stories of eight people aged 18 to 30 plus who are about to embark on overseas missions. See Steve and Gill Bryant for more details. Hope to see you there!

CAKES and BISCUITS needed for WEC training course

Monday – Friday, over the last two weeks in July.  Either leave baked donations in the church kitchen no earlier than the Sunday before, clearly labelled – ie. for WEC use and type of cake – or drop them off during that two week period so we have a staggered run of goodies!  Speak to Liz Perks/Jo Sheringham if you have any queries. MANY THANKS!

9:15ers’ BBQ – 28th July

This will be held at the home of Tim and Vicky Stephenson (63 Pickwick Rd, use The Porch or Springfield car parks) on Sunday 28th July. It will be a bring and share and someone will be co-ordinating (volunteer?). Come over after church and it’s expected to finish around mid-afternoon. If you have a camping chair or rug please bring it but if that’s not possible, don’t worry we’ll find something suitable for everyone!  Chat to Vicky or Tim if you are unsure about anything.

Prayer Diary for the WEC MK Training Course

Thank you for your prayers for us! Please also pray especially for The hosts: the Durants, Fuggles, Gorvins, Hoggs, Hurleys, Larkmans, Mitchells, Simons, Spruijts, Stephensons, Wingraves 

The participants: Nine adults from Australia, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Senegal/Switzerland, the USA and the UK.  The caterers: Liz Perks and Jo Sheringham assisted by Kate Harding.  The drivers: Terry Pollard and Richard Davies, and others helping with driving, cleaning, coffee breaks, baking and being on standby for emergencies!

…This week…

The school summer holidays are commencing soon!  Please check with your life group leader regarding your small group.

… Upcoming dates…

24th July: Midweek service, 2pm; meet the team (WEC), 7:45pm

28th July: 9:15 congregational meeting, 11am

31st July: WEC week finishes

7th August: Midweek service, 2pm

21st August: Midweek service, 2pm

23rd August: Soul Survivor (youth event)

Registered Charity no. 1148492