Overflowing With Thankfulness

This post by kathylarkman was originally published at GRACE PLACE

Kathy Larkman, contributor for today’s blog post

As many of you Grace Place readers know, Ed and I have been in Frankfurt, Germany for the greater part of October. We were blessed by an Africa Inland Mission friend who has a flat there to allow us to use it for the month as she serves in Kenya for Tumaini Counselling Centre.

We are thankful to God for his provision and loving kindness in providing space and time to rest, refresh, and renew.

Here are a few of my highlights I want to share with you:

The joy of listening to Ed converse in German
The peace and beauty of the park where we walked regularly
Sausages, German ginger cookies, Stollen, chocolate cappuccino
Uninterrupted time to read good books!
Seeing and experiencing God’s creation and German history
Uninterrupted time and space to know that He is God in reflection and prayer
The joy and honour to pray Colossians 2:6-7 over my church family, family and friends.

There was so much more that I took in! I just can’t put it into words! I am sure that as Ed and I process this time in Frankfurt, we will see fruit in us and our church family.

col 2 67While away, I continued to read and ponder Colossians. Of course, this is the letter we are studying for Women’s Bible study. I was inspired by a friend who is memorizing Colossians. (thank you Hannah!) In my case, I thought it realistic to begin with memorizing Colossians 2:6-7 NLT. These are key verses in the whole of Colossians, which Sharon Durant drew our attention to last year as we began to prepare for this study.

Paul’s big point is that he wants the church to remain rooted in Jesus Christ, and not to drift away to something else. These verses make it clear that simply being IN CHRIST IS ALWAYS ENOUGH! Paul is working for the church’s maturity; not to be spiritually passive or lazy, but to an active walking in Christ.

We are called to be established and to GROW in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. May it be so, more and more!

I thank God for our time in Germany.  I thank God that He is I AM.  I thank God for my church family. I thank God that I can pray Scripture over us, knowing God will fulfil His purposes in and through us individually and as a church family!

Lots of love and so good to be back home and in my own bed!