Mission News – June ’19

We have a number of exciting mission events coming up over the next few months and would love you to pray for each one.

Stuart and Lynne…

…. are returning from the Mercy Ship on June 21st as Lynne will be seeing an orthopaedic consultant on the 24th June in Bath with a view to having knee surgery soon after.

Matthew will be returning later as originally planned. Please pray for safe travels, for Lynne’s operation and recovery in time to re-join the ship on 6th August before it sails to Senegal.

Matthew L…

… as he stays longer, continues working and for his travels home on 8th July – flying on his own for the first time.

The Oasis Centre in Austria…

… are short staffed over the summer months and thankfully volunteers from different countries have offered to work there in order to keep the centre open. We are pleased that Neal and Lesley G and David and Sue M are able to go and support this work. Please pray for safe journeys, good health, stamina, wisdom and patience. Neal and Lesley are leaving on the 24th June and returning on the 8th July. Please pray for them as they will be one of the most experienced staff members leading the work this time. They are making their own way from the airport to the Oasis centre using trains and trams so please pray that they arrive safely and there are no problems with the journey. David and Sue are going on June 29th to July 28th. This is the first time they have been to Oasis so please pray for them as they pick up the ropes and settle into the Oasis working life.

Steve and Ruth …

… will be holding a mission event on Sunday 7th July to share about their work in Tanzania. Times will be confirmed soon. Steve is also the main speaker at The Gathering.

Steve also has other speaking engagements on the following dates:-

Tues 2nd July, 21st- 30th Aug- Oakhall Iceland, Mon 2nd – 4th Sept AIM fellowship conference.

Please pray for Steve and Ruth as they prepare for these events and have quality rest time as well.

Uganda AIM mission conference trip

The team will be leaving on Friday 9th August and arrive home on Saturday 17th August. Please pray for the team as they prepare to go, travel (Long journey) and for their various roles. Pray for good team building and good health. Those going are:-

  • Eddie Larkman – preaching and pastoral support for missionaries
  • Youth Team – Dan O, Chris S.
  • Children’s Team – Rhiannon P, Sharon D, Tom P, Sara S, Joe R, Joy W, Josh H
  • Kathy L – Pastoral Support for Missionaries

Steve and Gill Bryant

  • June 24th- 25th – Hosting a retired missionary from Australia.
  • July 9th – 10th – providing training at their house for a couple who will be taking over the WEC boarding hostel for Grace International school in Chiang Mai.
  • MK Staff Training Course at CBC – This takes place from Sunday 20th July to August 1st. Please pray for Steve and Gill Bryant as they prepare the course and arrangements, for those helping out with accommodation and meals and for the participants. Pray for good team building, a good understanding of working as Missionaries with missionary kids and good health.
  • Around 8th August- One day Skype training for a couple going to Senegal as teachers.
  • 5th- 13th September- Synergy Conference USA. – Pray for Steve and Gill in their input to discussions on the changing face of missions, especially regarding better educational support for non American families globally.
  • 17th- 20th September- Steve at WECS European Conference in Spain.

Tanzania building trip

This year’s building project will take place from Friday 21st Sept returning on Sunday 6th Oct. The job this year is to build 3 Bunda-like buildings to support visiting ministers attending conferences at Sanga, and will be used for other activities on site. There will also be other jobs to do around the site. Tony S will lead the devotional times and the team will be visiting two churches. The trip also includes a visit to the game park, Morogoro town and having a meal out. Please pray for preparations, team building, including with the AIM mission team and the locals working on site, safe travels, good health and safety as they work on site.

The team members are:-
Martin S, Martin D, Tim P , Coleen F and Neil F (TBC).

Pray that all our missionaries and those on short term mission trips will minister with the love and compassion of Jesus to all they meet.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the work of mission.

Wendy R