Newsletter for 12th July 2015

Infant Dedication

We would like to welcome the friends and family of Paul and Victoria Kelly as their baby daughter, Emilia, is dedicated this morning.

Same-Sex Marriage

Several people have been asking Eddie questions on this subject. He recommends the following books for their biblical faithfulness and pastoral sensitivity (both are written by pastors who themselves experience same-sex attraction): Ed Shaw: “The Plausibility Problem”; Sam Allberry: “Is God Anti-Gay?” Eddie also recommends this website:

Evening Service

This evening’s service will be a report back on the recent missions’ trip that Eddie undertook to Uganda with a team of nine people. All welcome to attend.

Men’s Curry Night

There will be a men’s curry night on Tuesday 14th July at 7.30pm. Please speak to Ian Holmes if you would like to attend.

The ARK – new leader required

As some of you may know the Howlett family will be leaving CBC to worship in Bath. The ARK is therefore in need of some new help. We have a lovely regular group of 30 children (a mix of church and non-church children) who meet for 9 x 45 minute meetings a year. We would need the following:

  1. A co-ordinator to help with the rota, publicity and record-keeping. This could be done by someone who does not always attend the ARK.
  2. Someone to do “front of house” at the ARK, which mainly involves doing a two-minute talk on the topic of the week and being a “face” that is there every month for the families to get to know. If you think you could help please speak to Rachel or Rhiannon.

**Ladies’ Day 2015 **

This year our ladies’ day will be held at CBC Priory Street next Saturday 18th July starting at 10.30am. There is a sign-up sheet on the back table so please write your name down! It’s not too late!! If you are only available for part of the day, please indicate whether you are intending to stay for lunch so we can cater accordingly. We are very happy to have Cath Swanson from AIM as our guest speaker. Please speak to Anne Holmes or Kathy Larkman for more details. Our verse for the day is “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Life in the Lancs Lane!
With an update on what’s been happening in the lives of Ruth and Steve Lancaster during the last six weeks, please take a copy of their newsletter, or alternatively, head to the blog site at where you’ll also find a few more photos.
Please note that it is Ruth’s birthday on the 20th August.  If you would like to send her a birthday card, their postal address is: P.O. Box 6633, Madaraka, Morogoro, Tanzania.
The Lunch Club will be held at Priory Street for our seniors on Tuesday at 12pm.  Please speak to Michael or Wendy Prior for more details.

Midweek Service

There will be a midweek service at Priory Street on Wednesday at 2pm. Eric will be leading and preaching and the text of the sermon will be Luke 12:13-34.

2014 church accounts

The CBC accounts for 2014 have now been cleared by the accountant. A summarised draft was published in the Ministry Reports earlier this year, but if you would like a full copy, please let Michael Prior know and he will email it to you.

…This week…

Monday: Mums’ bible study, 10am

Tuesday: TLC, 12pm; Men’s curry night, 7.30pm

Wednesday: Early morning prayer, 7.15am; midweek service, 2pm

Thursday: Mums ‘n Tots, 10am; Corsham Money & Debt Advice Centre 7.30pm

Friday: Corsham Money & Debt Advice Centre, 9.30am

Saturday: Prayer for gospel expansion, 8.30am; Ladies’ Day, 10.30am

…Looking ahead…

19th July: Mission Sunday (visit by Tony and Cath Swanson)

20th July: Church Meeting, 8pm

29th July: Midweek service, 2pm

11th August: The Lunch Club